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Witchita Moms, lets get together.

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Hi ladies, sorry I lost contact with you all. I hope you remember me. I disappeared for awhile and just wasn't posting. The move to Kansas was really hard on me and then I got sick with Chronic meningitis (luckily, not contagious to my babe or yours, so don't worry).
Anyway, I am better now and really need a community. If you post, I will contact you and we can set a date to meet, if you are interested. I drive up from Anthony, about an hour south, usually on Mondays, but I can come up on the weekend too.
LMK what you all think.
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Hey girl-

I am moving to Wichita, Andover to be exact...sometime in the next week. I'm currently living in Longton KS, about 2 hours from anywhere! Yes, let's get together, I also need a mama to hang with. [email protected]
Oh, terrific! I wasn't sure if anyone would see this thread. Here is my addy also.
[email protected]

But you should settle into your new house first. I will figure out something fun to do and let you know.
Sounds good. I have a four month old baby boy, Zane, and he loves to play with/watch other kids.

Of course, any other mama's are welcome to join! The more the merrier...

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Hi, I just saw this thread. Bianca, I was wondering how you were doing, I'm sorry to hear things have been rough. I imagine there must be some culture shock coming to Kansas from Oregon!

I would love to get together, I'll email you. I'm expecting baby #3 any day now, so obviously I can't do anything right away, but I really would like to meet you sometime!
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Keri, congratulations on your 3rd dc. I kept meaning to call you and kept chickening out because I was really not in a good place for a while, but now things are going pretty well and I want to reach out. I can't wait to meet you. Have a wonderful birth (are you birthing in hospital or at home).

Maybe we could meet up by having a little come to your house and do your chores so you can rest with your newborn day. I am a great cook? What do you think?
Wow, that sounds great!
Tony's family lives nearby, but I'm expecting more of the drop by without calling and sit around wondering why I'm not waiting on them visits.
I plan to hang out in my bathrobe and nurse in front of everyone and I think that will keep visitors at a minimum.

We're planning on birthing at home, we have a great midwife lined up and a doula and the house is pretty clean and Tony just finished a deadline at work, so I'm sitting here twiddling my thumbs and wondering if this is ever going to happen.
I'll be in touch.
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I am so glad to see Mothers here in my area. I too am looking for other mothers who share my alternative views of parenting. It isn't easy to find here in Wichita, Ks. I am open to meeting new mommies. [email protected]
oh good, there's more of us. i'm pm-ing you right now!
HI all, are we ever going to get together? Time always seems to pass so quickly. I am still game if you all are. Do you want me to organize this?
If you want to hang out, please post here or pm me and I promise
I will set this up. Yay!

Keri, how is the family. I am imagine you are into the groove of things now. I have something for the new babe, but it is probably much too small now. I guess I will have to get her something else.
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OK, I feel really bad now. Life has been pretty hectic...but that's no excuse, I should have called you sooner. I'm feeling pretty alone in my little alternative world, so I really would like to meet.

We can meet at our house anytime, as long as no one minds piles of laundry and books. I've given up for now on getting things cleaned up.

Bianca, I still have your phone number somewhere, I'll call you today.
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Okay, I talked to Keri today and we thought that this Monday, Oct. 18th would be a good day. Does anyone want to go to the botanical gardens? I will email or pm you all shortly or you can post here.

I say about 11:00am and we can bring a lunch and have a picnic and then let the kids run around awhile.

My email: [email protected]

Let me know.
That works for us.
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