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With 2nd pregnancy, when did you show?

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I'm only 4.5 weeks so nothing yet, but I'm just wondering how long before I have to buy new clothes.

Some people say that with a 2nd or subsequent pregnancy you show "5 minutes after conception."
When is it most likely to happen?

With the first, I showed only a little at 4 months and wasn't totally obvious until 6 mo.
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I was noticibly showing at 12 wks w/#2 but I'm a little person to begin with. I needed my mat clothes by the time I was 16 wks b/c I was tired of looking dumpy and fat in oversized clothes and mat clothes made me feel better about how I looked, and they fit better too.
I think like 4 or 5 months? 16 weeks? Something like that.
I started showing pretty early with my second. I couldn't say exactly when, but it seems like it was about 2 or 3 months.
well with my first one I was showing at 5 months woke up and there was a belly it was quite strange lol,. then with my second I was like 4 months if that could of been a few weeks before my 4th month. But I am now pregnant with baby#3 and I will be 3 months on the 30th and I am already showing. I think I look like I should be 4 or 5 months but I am not. I feel so dumb when people ask me how far I am and I say 3 months. I had this one lady ask me if i was having twins
We only seen one baby in there so far so i dont think so lol. Some women are baby machines as my dh would say. And I think I am one of them.
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With dd (#1) I didn't show much until about 17-18 weeks. I was obviously pregnant by 6 months.

Now, I'm in maternity clothes at 13 weeks. Just the pants and some longer regular shirts. I grew out of my pants about 4 weeks ago but I was still nursing so the cool flowy dress option wasn't as viable. Now I'm nursing only 1x a day so I wear loose dresses with a sweater.

No one but dh can really tell, though.
I started popping really early with this pg. Check out my belly shots , esp. the ones between 4 and 5 weeks!

Hee hee, you're pointy! I look just like you at 4-5 weeks, though. With my 1st I started at 145 lbs, and now am starting at 118, so I expect there will be a difference. It looks like you can really see a difference each week! Cool!

I'm already packing away the jeans that were already a little on the tight side.
It's actually about the same this time. I'm 21 weeks, and anybody on the street would think I'm just fat. I tend to gain everywhere, so I don't have a big 'ol belly. I'm pretty much in mat. pants full time now, but mat. shirts look ridiculous on me.
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