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With a heavy heart I'm going to DD's.....

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Well for awhile anyway.....

I just can't believe this. I have been battling a diaper rash with ds for over a month now. He did fine in cloth up till then but when I tried kissaluv contours he broke out in a rash. I could get it cleared up with disposables but everytime I went back to cloth (sticking with my trusty pf's) he'd have a rash again! I stripped them, and am using a super sensitive detergent on them with triple rinsing. Everytime I put him back in cloth he gets the same rash - and I just don't know what to do.

Amazingly in a disposable it clears right up and his skin stays healthy
Can you believe it?

This is my 4th CD'd baby and I've never had this problem. If anything I used CD's because my other babe's bums couldn't tolerate the disposables. This just doesn't make sense!

I plan on trying again in a month or so - with my bigger stash (med covers and regular sized pf's) and am very hopeful that it will work out then. I'm just tired of troubleshooting and always ending up with the same outcome........

Hopefully we'll be Cd'ing again soon


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I used sposies on my dd for the first year. She had a bad diaper rash for the first month. I asked her dr about it and he said it would take about a month to clear up, and it did eventually. Thier skin just has to get used to the acid, and in sposies all the mositure is sucked up, where as with cloth sometimes the skin is right against the moisture. I would sugest a fleece liner and give it a bit of time before going back to sposies. Hope that helps.
Well I used fleece liners when he was first born and they tended to give him a heat rash so I quit. I don't want to find out if they still do that.

And it's just weird that he was fine in cd's till month ago. It's not like I just started him in them.

I'm so frustrated I need a break to quit worrying about all this. I'll try again in a bit but I feel at this point I've given it a fair chance.

Thanks for the suggestions though. I do hope to be CD'ing once again soon,

My mom used cloth on me because disposables gave me a rash. She had to use disposables on my sister because the cloth gave her rashes. (Of course at this time she only had flatfolds and plastic pants.)

I used disposables on ds for the first year, with no rashes. I used cloth for another year without rashes. The past few months he has started getting some rashes that clear up when I use disposables. I am still using cloth, but am trying to figure it out still.

Don't feel guilty. You know what is best for your baby, and you can change your mind as many times as you want.
Have you tried hemp? My DS is a very heavy wetter but hemp keeps his bum nice and dry no matter how wet the diaper is. He's never had a rash from hemp.

Whatever you decide, I hope your DS's rash clears up soon.
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