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It's sad... in a way I'm not surprised, but I still find it sad.

A mom I know nursed her first baby for several weeks- didn't have any problems but quit just because. Ironically her best friend was trying and trying to nurse her baby but ended up exclusively pumping.

With her second baby, she told me how much she wanted to be a sahm and I was telling her how much $$$ you can save by nursing... she was on the fence for a long time (and kept choosing to listen to bad advise even when I gave her accurate information) but nursed her baby for about two weeks before transitioning to formula.

She is out of state now and I saw her mom yesterday so she handed me baby pics and bemoaned how the epidural failed twice... I start looking at the pictures and the very first picture is mom feeding baby her first bottle- one of those "handy" freebie ready-feed bottles of Lipil. :puke

It just saddened me... maybe because I'm extra hormonal these days but I just thought it was so sad that the baby won't even get any colostrum!
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