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We use the withdrawl method as our only form of bc. Our youngest is almost 2 and we've been using it since we resumed activity after he was born. It isn't that bad, I'm sure it is a little worse on the male, I'd hate to be "interrupted" like that. But all in all it is ok. TMI but keep in mind that if it doesn't go there it has to go somewhere so be prepared or it could get a little messy. And you have to be committed to it, we have been using it without a flaw for almost 2 years now but we were also using it when we conceived my youngest. We were naive and really not that opposed to another baby so completed the act where it counted a couple times. If you both (especially the man) are not committed to pulling out EVERY SINGLE TIME, you should look into another form of bc or keep yourselves open to the fact that you very well might get pg.
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