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I have been feeling a lot of pressure because DH is not happy he is sleeping in another room so DS and I sleep in the bed. Well, that and his parents are pushing. And I know I should resist, and I should stand my ground, but I am having a real hard time of it.

So. I am just looking for info. I don't think I or DS is ready to night wean. He is 18 months. I work full time out of the house, so he really only gets a few hours a day during the week and all night of sleeping with us. But in order for DH to get more sleep, I could night wean so DS could be more settled (I don't know, I am just guessing).

I know at some point, night weaning will need to happen. At what age (developmentally) is a good one? When would be a good age for him to not need to nurse at night for comfort?

I am not making sense.....
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