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Hello Piglet!
Congrats on the Job!

Just wanted to let you know that I bf'd ds till he was 30mos. I went back to work at 4mos and pumped for a little over a year. After that It was bf first thing in the morning, as soon as we got home in the evening(3-10hr days/week) and on demand at night (usually once or twice--the second time running into the first thing in the morning). the other 4 days of the week It was on demand--mostly for comfort and to get to sleep at naptime in addition to the other times mentioned. We weaned at 30 mos, mostly because he was spending most of his time asking for 'B' and then fooling around the whole time. But, I think that we had a great experience and were able to integrate the work/bf thing pretty well. I hope you are encouraged and that it all works out for you guys!!

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