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Hey everyone. Your little ol' moderator is going to be a WOHM soon.

In about six weeks our little family is packing up and moving to Cleveland. DH is gonna be the SAHD. My official start date is Jan 1 and it's only for six months. Hours are quite flexible. Pretty decent arrangement, and I'm quite excited about it.

I'm heading there about two months early in order to gradually increase my time away from DD (since I've never been apart from her more than about 3 hours). I'll start by going in just for half days once or twice a week, and slowly increase from there (all this as an unpaid volunteer so I can really set my own pace). She will be 18 months old when I begin full time.

I would like to avoid having to pump, since I rarely do it anymore and last time I tried I got next to nothing. When DD wants to nurse, she wants the boob. She will take a sippy cup no problem, and does drink EBM that way if you offer it, but when she wants to nurse that doesn't seem to satisfy her. Right now, I'd say she has about 3 good nursings throughout the day, and what I'm hoping to do is nurse her in the morning before work, come home at lunch and nurse her (we'll be living close by), then nurse her again when I come home.

She still nurses a fair amount at night but that doesn't bother me and I won't mind if she nurses more at night to make up for me being away.

I'm hoping that this will all work out. I will have time to make sure it does, and I'm fairly confident. I guess I just wanted to hear from other moms who were working but not pumping for their toddlers, and how is it working out for you?
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