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I've been working full-time since my daughter was 4 months old, and stopped pumping at 8 months (was only producing about 3 oz a day and didn't seem worth it...whole other story, though). Ever since then--she's 21 months now--she's nursed in the morning, as soon as we get home in the afternoon, and for bedtime. Weekends, she nurses whenever she wants. (She nightweaned spontaneously at 13 months.)

It's working fine for us, and it's nice to be able to sit down and nurse right as we get home....I can relax and just hold her, and put off attending to the "tasks" that await, like fixing dinner, and doing laundry, and etc.

In fact, I honestly believe that working and "failing" at pumping were contributing factors in my decision to keep breastfeeding this long. (Although it wasn't really a decision, just a realization that I shouldn't wean her according to anyone else's timetable.) It's the best way I've found to reconnect with her, and it makes me feel good knowing that, even when I'm away from her during the day, I can still give her my best when I get home. And it's the one thing that her caregivers--who are wonderful--can't give her!

It's great that you have that long, flexible transition into working. I had to go back very unexpectedly, with a week's was really terrible. I'm sure you and your daughter will be fine!
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