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Wolfowitz and Feith out?

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Saw this in American Conservative's print mag (Buchanan's toy). Anyone heard about this? They say the two will be retiring, but haven't seen anything out there on the web.
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I guess anything to keep Rummie around.

(I really miss the old jaw smilie
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I don't know if I would rather that they be out in the open or out of the pubic eye in "retirement" (to "spend more time with their families", which is the usual excuse with this bunch). Course, then they are not ever accountable when they're in the public service arena, so maybe it makes no difference.

I have heard nothing about this, cuz' I took some time "away" from this infernal box and keyboard to put up our tipi, go to the river, and generally forget about all this mess.

Felt good.

...But it's hell catchin' up...
Joyce in the mts.
Wow, I hadn't heard that.
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