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Women's History/Biography suggestions

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I've been looking around at history stuff because dd is interested in "learning about history." I have Story of the World, which she won't read now that Joseph's brothers put him in the pit and sold him. (We only made it through Mesopotamia and the Middle Kingdom in Egypt.) So, clearly that didn't work.

I'm thinking that it would nice if I could find some books about women/everyday people...the small things of history. Or biographies of cool people in ancient times or the middle ages.

I tell her stories about history (lots of great stories in my head from college), but thought y'all might have great suggestions on books for us to read.
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Dear Chfriend,

There's just SO much out there on history that is more inclusive. Since I write my own lessons, I haven't used one particular resource for women's history throughout, but have threaded it in wherever I felt it necessary.

The two where I would start are:

Women's History Project
Books, curricula, articles, links. This is an incredible resource!

Great lessons from the National Endowment for the Humanities

Joy Hakim's History of US does much for the American History, but I have compiled some resources that I think will help a bit on this page.

Good luck,

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The "Uppity Women" series is cool. It includes "Uppity Women of Ancient Times", "Uppity Women of Medieval Times", "Uppity Women of the Rennaisance" and I think a couple more. Each is an anthology of short biographies of women. It makes a great starting place for picking out who you might want to read more about, and showcases quite a variety of ways women managed to stand out in times when they weren't "supposed" to.
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