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Wonder-fulls worth the money?

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Okay tell me why the wonderfulls are 8.50 basically everywhere. Why is the price so high? I have never used these or seen them up close and personal. Please tell me why oh why are they so expensive?
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OK. That does sound like a lot. I am sure any WAHM could make one simular for less.
I think the sewing on them is contracted out so that they are always available (you dont have to stalk
) ... that will increase base cost many times and up retail cost.. especially for small time WAHMs.

I've never tried one so I cant comment on function and use tho! HTH!
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Umm yeah. Ouch. That's steep.

Aren't the happy heiny ones like half that price?
I like mine. I got it for 7.99 free shipping I think.
From cotton babies. They fit in wonderoos perfectly, but the odd thing about them is the snaps. The shorter one is on top and you have to kind of scrunch it together to keep it all straight when inserting them.
We have two that we paid $8.50 for from Montana's Diaper Store. They fit perfectly in both our Wonderoos and our Fuzzi Bunz. They are meant to be a one size insert. Unsnap and use the small piece for small babies and then snap them together for larger babies. So instead of buying S,M,L Joey Bunz you buy just one. We really like ours so far. It also dries WAY faster than our Joey Bunz!
I just want to say that I could never just use the small part for my DS. He not a heavy wetter and just that one part is not sufficient! They do fit perfectly in the Wonderoos though.
Do they really curl like they do in the picture? That would drive me bonkers.
I didn't like them. I really prefer Ducky Buns...
I got 3 testers and I do like them for my wonderoos; perfect fit. Having said that, I must admit that I rarely use them cause I'm not terribly fond of hemp in general. I stick them in when we're looking at a 2 hour car ride, otherwise I use my pfs for stuffers. Oh and mine don't curl at all.
I've actually heard great things about BabyKiks Hemp Duz-it-Alls. Or something like that. They dry a lot faster in the dryer, too.
I have 2, that I got from Mt. Diaper Store back when they were only $6. I like them, they fit perfectly in wonderoos, but I wouldn't pay $8.50 for them.
I just ordered a package of 6 wonderoo's from the wonderoostore. They come free with their $1 stuffer that the owner makes herself. I also have 3 doz Infant CPF's that I was about to packaway because my dd has outgrown them. I will keep a doz out to use for stuffing the wonderoo's. I can't see spending $15 on a diaper then another $8 on a stuffer.

On the other hand, I have spent $15 on my fitteds and $9 on the covers so I guess its not really that much different.
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Wonder-Fulls are absolutely worth the money. A comparable insert in two or three sizes is going to cost you much more than a Wonder-Fulls will cost you. They are well designed, and unlike many other hemp inserts available, Wonder-Fulls are sewn with a special serger stitch that will last and last. Kim is an awesome WAHM and she has taken the time to do these right.

If you like hemp inserts Wonder-Fulls make perfect sense. Do the math! Expensive, yeah, but overall, a much better deal than multi-size inserts.
I actually asked at mtdiaperstore why they are so pricey and they explained to me that the cost of hemp is pricey (yup, I agree) and that it takes nearly one full yard of hemp to make just one Wonder-Full. If you've ever sewn your own stuff with hemp, you have to agree that this fabric shrinks to nearly HALF its original size. So when you buy one yard, the pre-wash it, it ends up being only half a yard to sew with. KWIM?

I do think it's a tad high priced since most people will likely not use the small insert separately, but it's really not that bad if you have a heavy wetter like I do and need two JBs that cost $4.90 each (if bought new). You'd actually be saving $1.30 if you bought just one Wonder-Full to replace two JBs.
you have to agree that this fabric shrinks to nearly HALF its original size.
Hemp typically shrinks 7 inches per yard after 3 washes on HOT
its not as drastic as losing 50%... just thought i would help cause i wash a lot of hemp and have figured out the cost/shrinkage to the inch more times than I care to count :LOL
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I have never had a momma come back to me and tell me that she didn't use her small insert. Some mommas may not be able to use them for one reason or another, but its fair to say that most of them do.

I forgot to mention in my earlier post that Wonder-Fulls are also completely prewashed and ready to use when you open your package. You would have to wash other hemp products numerous times just to make the product usable.
but maybe because there are so many snaps on it for adjusting the size it costs much more to make. That would be my guess anyway.
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