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We live in Greenwood, and we are looking for someone who would like to bring their child to our home for 2 or possibly 3 days a week, starting in the beginning of Feb.

We have a daughter who will be 3 in March. I work in our home two days a week in my studio in our basement(I make my living as an artist.) It has been very important to us to have our daughter in our home as much as possible, as we are very into Attachment Parenting. We have a really remarkable part time Nanny who is from Japan. She actually has a teaching degree and is teaching our daughter French and Japanese. She is warm and loving and laughs a lot. She makes a huge effort to get our daughter outside every morning if it isn't too cold, and is just generally great. She comes from a co-sleeping family and thinks my gentle discaplining ways are totally normal, why would you do anything else?

We are hoping to do a Nanny share, and have another child join us here at our home. The days would be Mondays and Thursdays, and I (Mom) would also love to care for your child on another day of the week when the Nanny isn't here. I also have a degree in Education and have lots of experience with kids. Most days the hours would be 10 AM to 4pm, but this is certainly flexible. The rate is $8 dollars an hour.

There are tons of books here, and the kids would watch no TV at all. We are two blocks from a park, so your child would get outside time as much as possible. We are vegetarian and all snacks are organic. Your child would be dealt with in a kind and loving way, I am always reading about better ways to use gentle discapline and our Nanny actually asks to read my books!

Please get in touch if you or anyone you know might be interested. A toddler would have fun playing with my daughter, but we would consider other ages too.
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