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Wondering about how much non-me fluids to offer my 14 mo old

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It seems like he shouldn't need anything besides my milk.
I've been giving him a sippy or a bottle of water per day just to play with and drink. I wonder how this is affecting his milk intake and if this has any impact on him weaning. Is this me leading the wean, or is this him?
He nurses like a crazy man still ( at LEAST 20X per day) and I wonder if I push the water. . .
he's calling now.
I'll ask more later.
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Ok. He's nursed and asleep again.
Do other women who practice CLW give fluids other than breastmilk?
How much food should I be feeding him and should I do it specifically before or after he nurses, or does it matter?
Is it anti-CLW to sometimes pat his back to get him to go back to sleep at night instead of nursing him?
I'm in a similar situation (blessings!), and am interested to see what the sisters on the board write...
I have had a sippy cup of water out and available to DD since she started on solids. Sometimes she just wants some water, other times she wants to nurse. Sometimes she'll take one sip from the breast, followed by one from the sippy cup.

I personally don't think that this is weaning her. She chooses what she wants to drink at that moment. It would be like me deciding if I wanted a glass of milk or a glass of water.

If I were to hand her the sippy when she wanted to nurse, that would be different, and would be an attempt to wean in some way.

I do think it is important for DD to have the water. She won't nurse forever, and she does need to develop a taste for water and not just breast milk.
Gabe rarely drank anything other than breatmilk for about 18 months. He would have an ounce or 2 of fresh squeezed juice and I would give him a sippy of water but he didn't drink much.
I keep a cup of water out for DD if she wants it, but I don't let her carry it around as an overly convenient portable liquid source. She generally doesn't drink much, mainly at mealtimes. We never really used sippies, as I think (IMO) that they are bad for oral health so we just taught her to drink from a cup (we used a shot glass) She has lately decided she likes to drink out of a straw, so we do have a fun cup with one of those twisty straw things that she likes to use at meals. I guess, for myself, I won't be comfortable with her carrying a cup around until she's over two. I don't tell her no if she indicates she wants some water, though.
Ani nurses a lot during the day -- always at naptime and always at bedtime. And at least once a night. I would say 15-20 times a day or so.

She knows the signs for water and for nurse and I give her whichever one she wants. She loves both. She's 16 months and no where near even thinking about being ready to wean.
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My daughter is 15 months and has just started showing interest in water. Before now, water was just for fun (out of a cup), but just yesterday she was "fussy" and after trying different things I realized she wanted water. I do use the sign for water with her but she doesn't do it yet.

The only other liquid she gets (other than nursing about 3-5 times a day and a gazillion times at night
) is soy milk (plain unsweetened). That's because I have recently stopped eating meat most of the time and as I am still unsure of our calcium and protein intake I feel more confortable with this...

Hope this helps and I'll be reading what others have to say
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I've given dd water since she started solids. She LOVES it and it doesn't slow down her nursing. I would NOT give a bottle though as that is sucking and may lead her to think she's getting enough sucking without you. Sippy cups are okay for most kids, though I avoid them whenever possible.

(to the mom giving soy milk- there are lots of concerns about soy and young children. your babe is still getting everything she needs from your milk.)

my DS is 16 months and doesn't really know how to drink from a cup or sippy. i will offer him sips of water from my cups, but he seems to only want to chew on the rim - if water spills into his mouth he looks startled and pulls away - unclear on the concept!

he had a slow start to solids, and i would say still gets more than 50% of his nutrition from nursing. in addition, the solids he does get have high water content - fruits & veggies for the most part, some yogurt. so i'm not too concerned about dehydration (also we EC, so i know from his pee that he's ok

i have been wondering when he will want/need water, though. we have him in daycare three mornings a week, and every couple weeks they will tell me they got him to drink some from a sippy (nuby soft spout) but i've never seen him drink any at home - then again i rarely offer him a sippy.

as for your nighttime question. i believe you can nurse for a long time even if nursing is not always what you offer at night. i would say if patting him to sleep does actually calm him down, and if you don't notice a refusal of the breast at other times because you've substituted patting at a nightwaking here and there, then you guys are doing fine. i'm not an experienced CLW, though - i'm not even sure i'm entirely planning to CLW - so this is just my opinion! i have times when i reach my limit with nursing him at night and then usually DH takes over and sometimes i get up and walk him or sing to him instead of nursing. sometimes nursing actually seems to keep him stimulated enough that he doesn't relax into deep sleep, and i need to unlatch him for him to fall completely asleep... other times nothing else will do to get him to sleep other than nursing... i just have to feel my way as to what will work for him and for me each time.
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I'd definitely offer water during meals. Sounds like your little one is still very interested in nursing.

My DS is 2.5 and goes to get his own water from the fridge (thank goodness he rarely plays with the water dispenser).

At this point he still nurses several times during the day, but I flatly refuse to nurse if he's got food in his mouth

I also introduced rice and almond milk at about a year just so that DS had an alternative beverage. The rice milk was nice because it comes in small juice box sized containers. Now at 2.5 he prefers almond milk to moo milk (mostly for cereal, oatmeal, etc) and an occasional glass (abt 2-3 oz).

Of course he'll ask for soda if we're having some
and will certainly drink juice if offered, but often choose water if that is offered first.

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Offering any non-mom-milk is a weaning technique. I wouldn't do that personally.

Around 18 months or so, I started letting DS have a sippy cup of water out always available on his little picnic table, and brought along when we went out if he wanted some. He drinks a few cups of water a day, and is still nursing strong at age 3y4m. He seemed to do best (as does my DD) with a straw cup, so I think I would try that rather than a bottle.
Most people enjoy having something to drink with meals, so I'd say having water available with solids makes sense. They don't need a sippy available all day long if they nurse regularly.

At some level starting solids is the beginning of weaning. You are teaching them all about food (and beverages) so that eventually nursing becomes just about comfort and closeness with mom. The nutrition for a 3 year old is meals and snacks, and by that age the child should be having whatever healthy drink choices the rest of the family has. How fast you introduce foods and beverages will be unique to each family.
I have a cup of water available to her during mealtimes, in the car, and if we're walking around with the stroller. Sometimes she takes it, sometimes she doesn't. If she's hungry for the Mommy milk she makes it VERY obvious and I never deny her. I only think it's weaning to offer the water when she's obviously wanting her Momma.

Just my 2 cents!
Thanks everyone for your imput. As a lover of water myself I keep a sports bottle on hand for me all the time and I think I will continue to keep water available to him all the time, but I won't deny him nursing when he wants to nurse.

Here's a little glich that we have been having with CLW though. Abouth 2-3 weeks ago he got REALLY cranky. He nursed CONSTANTLY. His poops reverted to the kind he had when he was 1 month old (yellow w/ seedy texture). We were nursing so much I didn't offer solids (not enough time in the day to meet my needs and nurse as much as we were AND make him something) No ammount of nursing made him happy. I was fixing dinner one day and he was pulling on my leg crying his nurse cry. I picked him up and he tried to flop over into the nursing position. I had to tend to dinner so I gave him a biter biscuit (ok a cookie.) He immediately popped it in his mouth and was very happy.
So over the next week or so I would nurse him then, if he asked to nurse again in the next hour I would give him solids. If he refused the solids I would nurse him. And now in the morning I give him a solid breakfast at about the same time everyday so we have a good start. He seems much happier.
I think he just didn't know how to ask for food, or I wasn't reading the food cues. I have been trying to get him to sign "eat" since he signs "milk" only right now.
Am I off the CLW path?
Thanks for reading this if you have- sorry it's long. It's important to me to CLW, I never expected it to not be crystal clear.
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DD is 16m. She has never had any other milk but mine, and I'd say a few times a week has water. I offer it with meals etc. But never until after she's nursed, kwim?

She does about 3-4x a week have yobaby organic drinkable yogurt in a sippy cup. She really LOVES sippy cups b/c the little boy I nanny for PT has a sippy, so she is always trying to steal his (and it's filled with JUNK, don't even get me started!) so I give her drinkable yogurt and she's a happy girl.

She still nurses a ton, but doesn't night nurse. She night weaned herself at SIX WEEKS. yes that's right. I think a TON of that has to do with the fact she's a thumbsucker. She wakes once in a great while (usually during growth spurts) to nurse in the middle of the night, but it's few and far between. She sleeps 12 hours at night. So I dont' think that's ME weaning her @ night, since it's something she just sort of...did when she was 6w LOL (she was sleeping 8 hours a night then)

Anyway, it works for us, and I feel I am still following her lead in this, and so on and so forth. I think you just have to follow your gut, and your child's lead, and it can vary per child.
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