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i had my "big US" early- with the perinatologist a couple of weeks ago (like 17 wks?). my midwife office typically does them around 20 weeks. because a "soft marker" was found, do you think they'd want to recheck that or just let it go? i'm just curious...

do you think that there would possibly be a notable difference in length of femur or anything else typically checked for?
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I cant answer for ya but will give ya a little bump in case someone else sees this.
I think if they do another, it would be at like 24 or 28 weeks, not 20. Just because it was so close to your 17 week. At 28 they can check position of baby and amniotic fluid level, plus get a good femur measurement.
Depends on what the soft marker was. Many of them can and do disappear over time; others, not as likely. Short femurs aren't as likely to "catch up", for example, but then again, there can be other reasons for shorter limbs apart from something being wrong, like a history of small stature in your or DH's family = short/smaller baby. Did the peri seem like he/she wanted to follow-up?

I can't really answer the "when" they might do another u/s, only b/c the pgs where I was followed by a peri, I had an u/s at every single appt!
Talk about thoroughly scanned kiddos, eek! And weekly NSTs and BPPs for the last 2 months of the pg. Is the peri your primary doc now or are you just seeing them on a consult basis? If it's consult, then I agree with Samantha that they're more likely to take a second look later on, in early 3rd tri, to see where things stand. Otherwise, if you're seeing them for every appt., they may well check back via u/s sooner than that.

Hope all is well and it turns out to be nothing!

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