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Ok, this just makes since to me... i have a little one on the way and i'm going to be cding for the first time. My dd is 2 years old and if potty trained durring the day time but still need a diaper on durring the night. I don't see that stoping any time soon so why am i still using disposiable with her when the other babe is going to be the "greatness" of cloth! LOL

Well what would work best? I just need them for naps and night time? She is small for her size only about 25lbs but normal hight. What would she be most comfy in switching from disposiables into cloth and that would work all night. I'm on a tight, tight budget so i will prolly go check out the TP for cheap ones but what would be best?
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We are using Wonderoos on our toddler because they are a one-size diaper that we can also use on our new baby (due anytime now!). My son is 30 pounds and has a long waist. He still has room to snap through the waist, but is on the largest rise setting (these are a two-snap rise adjust).

I like these because they are a pocket diaper that I can custom stuff to suit his needs. He is not a heavy night-wetter, but during the day he can really soak up 2 JB inserts.

And currently, Wonderoos are on sale just about everywhere (buy 2 get 1 free). JamTots is offering them with flat shipping of $4.00 and Mt.Diaper is offering FREE shipping. Makes them cost about $11 each instead of the typical $14.95.
You may want to get something like ME bedwetters since she can do them on her own - she is stuck in a diaper but pullup things work pretty well
My son is 26 lbs and wears a Petite Fuzzi Bunz. I love these for nighttime myself, and they seem to last pretty good, I got mine all used and they are still working fantastic for us, and when shes done they have a good resale value.
My son is 25 lbs and an SOS has worked great on him, I also like muttaqins. Both of those dipes also have the added benefit of being one-size so they can be passed on to the babe. I use the SOS at night (w/doublers) b/c he is a heavy nighttime wetter.
Thanks, i'm not really worried about her being able to get them on and off easily at night time... she still sleeps in her crib and never wakes durring the night... i don't see her wanting to till she moves to a big bed... which could be forever!!! LOL he hates the "big bed" oh well that give me a great excue to co-sleep with the new baby and dh can't complain to much since i don't have an open crib for her! LOL
I would also suggest Fuzzibunz or Wonderoos (I always like Fuzzibunz better, but lots of people like Wonderoos and they are on sale right now) because a) the fleece will help her to feel dryer, like a disposable, so she *hopefully* won't notice the change b) they will be pretty trim, like a disposable, so they won't bother her and c) you can easily adjust the absorbancy.
I would recommend something that's going to let her feel wet, not Wonderoos or Fuzzibunz. If you're concerned about cost, you can't beat prefolds. You can also check out local consignment shops, which don't usually know the value of cloth diapers, so they sell them dirt cheap, and then you don't have to worry about paying S&H.... plus it's nice to see/feel things 'in real life'.

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I was wondering about prefold and i'm so glad some one brough them up... i plan to use prefolds most of the time with the newbaby... and i was worried if i got something nice like fuzziebuns and wonderroos then i would want to get thoes for the new baby too... not somehting i want to be sucked into. If i just used prefolds and a fleese liner would that help stay drier and like a wool cover. I think i will try that first and then if they seem to bother her because of the bulk then i will look into something trimer... so for a 26lbs little miss would i need the premium prefold or toddler??? And would it work better to pin then under a wool or snappi.... thanks for all the help girl ya'll are really great!!!
Well, I had to put ds in prefolds last night (it was either that or sposies). I used 2, but they were completely soaked by morning and had managed to leak out. So if your little one is a heavy wetter I would say to use more than 2, or maybe 2 and a doubler. The only reason I don't like to use prefolds at night is just b/c of the amount of nighttime pee DS has. I prefer hemp to handle it.
She isn't a very heavy wetter in sposies anyways... seems to me she only pees about 1 time in them durring the night...
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