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Won't Eat Solids????

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My daughter, Ella, is 11 months old and has been eating solids since she was 6 months old. Last Wed. she wasn't eating as much as she usually would and then that night had a 102 fever throughtout the night and a lower one the following morning. We don't really know what was wrong, I think she just had some sort of tummy virus b/c the only other noticeable symptom was a lot of smelly poops (which for ella is not normal since we've had some constipation probs in the past). So, anyway, we nursed A LOT for the next day or so, which i figured was normal since she wasn't feeling well. But now it's almost a week later and she is being really picky about her solids. She won't eat anything from a jar or on a spoon - maybe 4 or 5 bites and then she turns her head. I thought maybe she was going through a phase where she wanted to feed herself or she was sick of things she had been getting a lot - which is still a little difficult b/c we're taking it slow - but we've tried a few different things and she'll eat a little and then that's it! I'm not worried that she's starving or anything, but now we're back to nursing A LOT since she's not really eating her 3 meals.

Has anyone else had this issue? Or do you have some advice?


p.s. - she'd eat a whole box of cheerio's if i'd let her (???), but that has caused some constipation issues in the past, so I won't let her eat too many.
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My dd is younger than yours, so I don't have any advice, but I will say that it is normal for babies to regress in one area of development before making a leap forward in development in another area. Perhaps she is just hunkering down and getting ready to try something new that will surprise you! It sounds within the range of normal to me, as long as you feel like she's eating enough. Perhaps she ate something that made her sick or upset her tummy, and so she's taking it easy on the solids for that reason... Good luck! And
to MDC!
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Just nurse nurse nurse. That's all she really needs anyway. Solids are for fun the first year.

Cheerios have almost no nutritional value anyway. So she's better off not eating the whole box. Neither does most baby food. What she really needs is small amounts of protein, high amounts of fat, and lots of water. All of which is found in the perfect quantities in, you guessed it, breastmilk. Plus she gets good antibodies thrown in.

I agree with Angela except to say that food is just for fun until they're not nursing. Especially when they're sick.

Provided that she doesn't have emotional or health issues, a baby will not starve herself.

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