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woo hoo, colostrum!

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Yesterday I noticed that I finally have colostrum, woo hoo! I didn't get it until the very end with DS so I was glad to see it come in earlier this time.

Needless to say, DS is VERY pleased! I figured I would share here because you other nursing mamas can understand how I feel.
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That's good news..woohoo!!! I'm wondering if DS is getting some..he's still nursing but he's acting like he's getting something.

Originally Posted by momsmyjob
That's good news..woohoo!!! I'm wondering if DS is getting some..he's still nursing but he's acting like he's getting something.
: my ds seems to have a renewed vigor lately and i did notice something but wasn't really paying attention. i seem fuller ... so that must be it! must go check now.
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We've had some interesting poops the past couple of days, so I'm wondering if I have colostrum, too. I can't express anything though.
how does that work with colostrum and nursing 2 babies? I just assumed you only got just a bit of colostrum like with the first one and had to save it for the newborn and feed the older baby expressed milk for a short while. I had no idea it came in so far in advance of the birth. can someone please enlighten me???
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I've had colostrum caked on my nipples since week FIVE. I can't express anything either but there it is.

My boobs have gotten gigantic in the past 2 weeks though. So I guess something is happening in there!
attachedmama, I asked a lot about this when I was getting ready to tandem my first two. I wondered if there was a set/finite amount of colostrum, or would it be produced supply and demand as milk is.

I still don't have a good source of scientific info on this, but here is my logic:
The milk is going to come in at roughly the same time, regardless of whether you're nursing a toddler or not. It stands to reason that you will continue to produce colostrum right up until that point, so I don't see any reason to limit the toddler. It will be there for the newborn.

Of course, it's always a good idea to nurse the newborn on the opposite side from what the toddler just had... at least in the first few days.
Just a note: my bbs feel bigger and full again. I stopped nursing DD when I was 2 months pregnant so I did go from feeling "empty" back to nursing boobs all of a sudden
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From what I understand, your body will continue to produce colostrum until the placenta detaches, at which point it will start the change over to milk.

Yep, DS' poop has definitely changed too!

Hmmm, now that you ladies mention it, my boobs aren't feeling quite as floppy as they were a week or so ago.
horses only make a certain amount of colostrum and so if they start dripping before birth, the foal may not get colostrum and will need donated colostrum from another mare to get its antibody count to a safe level.
humans make colostrum for a certain amount of time. you make it before birth and for a few days after birth. as well, there will be a mix of milk and colostrum for days and days after the milk comes in.
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