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Woo Hoo? Could it be?

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HI.......don't want to get too excited here, but let me share.

Quick background first.....NO idea of my cycle. I had a period May 3rd and May 22, both brought on by me missing pills. So they weren't 'real' periods.
I have a feeling I ovulated last week just based on some signs I noticed.
This morning laying in bed I felt a little cramping, like I was going to get my period and then when I wiped just a tinge of pinkish brown. Now no cramps, no blood..........

COULD IT BE??????????? Can't implanting do this??
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Wow allismom, you sound excactly like me (minus the pills - not taking any)!
My last af was may 21 and last morning...a tinge of pink in my panties. I never ever have irregular spotting.
I still don't really have the feeling it will happen this month - but we will see.
Good luck to you.
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