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Woo hoo! For the first time ever I have fun money for dipes! What should I get?

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Yay! I'm so excited! Dh surprised me with $100 paypal
to get whatever I want! It's actually his birthday money that he got for returning something, so I feel slightly guilty, but HEY! he offered LOL!

So my (my, LOL, I mean my ds's) stash consists entirely of prefolds and dappi nylon pull-ons. I really love this system actually. I also have a few homemade fitteds and AIOs for dh to use. Oh and one lone fuzzibunz that never gets used because my boys always out-pee it.

I really want to get some wool for night. We've been using disposables at night
: for lack of anything better.

I was also thinking of getting a dozen new pfs to make into fitteds and try selling them at a local children's shop, just for kicks.

So what exactly should I get? Feel free to spam me. Woo hoo! Help me shop!
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yippeee! you're going to have fun!

if you want to be responsible and get great dipes but stretch that $$$ I'd go for Ecobaby Grow-with-me one size fitteds; They're about $12 at and get yourself a pull-on wool cover for nighttime, like aristocrats or something.

If you just want to get beautiful stuff, go to and see what they have instock at their main website in the fitteds category... and of course you could cruise hyenacart and look for some good stuff!

For wool then you could go to hyenacart and find some mama who will custom knit a pair of longies or shorts - but that will eat up half of those $ However if you want to use wool then I dont think you will regret it.
Another way to get quality wool cheap but effective is to buy a pair of Disana pull on wool pants. You can use them as they are or you could make them cuter by Kool-Aid dying them..

For diapers then I dont have a huge stash of hyena-bought fun-dipes. But I did just buy a Very Baby side-snapping fitted from Olive Branch Baby and it is gorgeous. It is lined with OV (my choice) and is SO soft and beautifully sewn. Cost me around 17-20$ I think and well worth it.
Thanks for the ideas. I think I'm going to get Disana covers and not sure what else.
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Oh wow! Lucky you!!

Full Moon Baby Gear has some beautiful stuff on HC right now.
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Oh my gosh! I am so jealous! If I had $100 specifically to spend on diapering, I would be shopping hyena cart like a crazy woman! I personally would invest is some very nice custom made wool pants or shorties from any of the talented mamas on there . . .

Have fun! Let us know what all you get!
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