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It's kind of hard to tell what I have in those pics. I should've looked before I posted.

In case anyone wants to know, I have:

2 zucchini plants
2 potato plants
1 watermelon plant
1 summer squash plant
1 winter squash plant
1 spaghetti squash plant
3 pumpkin plants
4 rows of red onion
1 rhubbarb plant
6 tomato plants
2 rows carrots
4 rows lettuce
1 row swiss chard
1 row spinach
4 raspberry bushes
2 long rows of sweet peas
2 sunflowers
1 melbar spinach plant climbing the arbour in the back

Next year the garden is going to be twice as big as that
We have a 100' by 150' yard so lots of room for growing
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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