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so ds has four cavities (his four upper teeth). six weeks ago we went to the dentist for the first time; he was great, and although he said ds's teeth were "on the road to trouble," he didn't tell me to nightwean (though he did say i should try to wipe ds's teeth with a wet cloth after nursing at, ok. :LOL). i also did a lot of research and determined that nightweaning wasn't going to solve anything for us. after weighing the options, we did opt to use topical fluoride to try to stop the decay, and of course brushed his teeth like crazy several times a day.

anyway, ds had his follow up appt. today and the decay has not worsened! y'all, i'm so relieved. i was so worried that it was going to be worse, and that i was going to get a horrific nightweaning lecture, but all was well.

so for those of you who have toddlers w/caries, it is most definitely NOT necessary to nightwean! just wanted to share our good news.

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