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wooden dollhouse furniture

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Anyone found a good place to buy wooden dollhouses/treehouse and furniture? That stuff is so pricey but I think my dd wold love it!
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We paid a fortune for ours but got a great deal on it. We bought the Ryans Room set at leanring Express. we had a coupon for 20% off and they let us combine it with one for a free Facade (balcony and front steps)So that was $120 worth that we got for $80
then we filled up our VIP card and the $80 bumped our total up so we got a $35 gift certificate (which I left on top of the car but dh went out with a flash light in the snow to find. it was the size of a business card I still can't believe it). The rooms and people are about $15-$20 a set. we got the living room, dining room, kitchen, bathroom, kids room and parents room , extended family, baby and nursery all for about $100 withthe gift card which is more furniture than we really needed. we have added a few more sets and friends and a car since then (it is so nice to be able to tell the grand parents "oh she really wants more stuff for her dool house" because it gives them a mission and direction and we avoid les desireable things) So we got quite a se up for around $200. and it is a big house. three floors about 2 rooms on each floor, sturdy, comes with fun details. we have had a problems with the dolls feet falling off and thier legs going loopy but my kids are really hard on toys.

I saw a very similar one that came with everything we had plus a car and garage and outside stuff and pets at Costco for about $100 at Christmas time. It stung a little :LOL
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Oh and they have a tree house which is a good sized thing and comes with everything including furniture and dolls for $80.
I would also like help finding the non-house sets for the wooden doolhouses. Our Plan Toys (which I believe is now Ryan's Room) dollhouse had a brochure in it that showed all the house furniture sets, of which we have plenty, and it also showed business sets. For example, there was a dentist chair set and a grocery store set. I would love to purchase these sets, but I can't find them in stores, nor have I been able to find them online. Can anyone help?
our local toystore carries the ryan's room. here's their website. i know they do a $20 off for every $200 spent in the store and have more instock than is on the website...
This is a fun link for how to make a dollhouse and furniture at family funn mag . I believe that has a number of the 'non-house' items including an affordable castle that I'd love to get when Noam gets a bit bigger. has wooden doll house furniture sets, and lots of other wooden toys. Very low prices, quick shipping and good customer service!
We just bought DD the PLAN Victorian dollhouse and some furniture from Stewart toys. Local stores carry it for $200, they charged $150 (we ended up getting the basement extension as well as three rooms of furniture and some dolls). There was a comparable discount for furniture. Shipping is free over $50 and at some point a discount kicks in... ours was 2.5%. We had the dollhouse within a week; everything was well packed an in great condition. Googling and Froogling didn't yield a price nearly as good as this store.

Generally, I was very impressed with the prices at Stewart Toys. They have plenty of other dollhouses and furniture as well.
I have seen furniture sets at about half price at a store called Tuesday Morning. There isn't one near us, so I haven't been recently, though. I believe their stock varies considerably, but it may be worth a try.
Try this site:

A FWIW I found DD's b-day wooden dolhouse at a consignment kids shop. It was $25 w/ furniture and in good condition. So keep you eyes peeled in that direction too.

Good Luck!
We got a GREAT deal on ours. A local toy store was going out of business & I asked about buying the floor model. I got it for $50!!! It's a huge Plan Toys house & came fully furnished (every room, plus animals, outdoor toys, garden set, etc). Everything was glued down, but I pulled it all up easily. So, keep your eyes peeled for something like that.

Also, Micheals Crafts has some wooden dollhouse furniture that are literally $.50 to $2.00!!!! Chests, armoirs, etc. I think AC Moore Crafts also has some.

Also, sometimes on ebay you can find some.

Good luck!
ohoh! I was just dying to share this info with someone, and didn't know who! But now I do and here it is:

They are waldorfy-yummy. EVERYTHING on their site is 15% off. Go to the sale section and there's lots of wooden dollhouse furniture (15% off all that stuff, too). Sorry, if I sound like a freakin advertisement. Some of the deals are so good, I had to share

Also, TJ Maxx sells (randomly) wooden d.h. furniture.
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Rosey Hippo also has really cute wooden doll house/treehouse stuff.

The Cosco one is great, but they dont have it all the time. It comes with a ton of stuff and lasts well.

I didnt get it as they'd sold out, so bought the Ryan's room, whcih is nice but much pricier, then Costco stocked theirs again a few weeks later. You could ask if they are going to carry it agian. It's by far the best deal if you want a big house with all the furniture.
I got a huge Plan Toys dollhouse with 3 plastic supermarket bags full of furniture from Goodwill for $25. Looks new too. I'm a bit embarrassed that I hesitated about buying it after reading this thread. Anyway after I bought it, I checked on ebay and noticed they often have these dollhouses on there.

My MIL and I had a ball setting out all the furniture and putting it all in the house but then dd the destroyer (17 mo) came along and delighted in throwing all the furniture out of the house. I can't wait til she's a bit older to play with this.
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