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Wooden play kitchen?

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Anyone know where I can shop for a wooden play kitchen in the Seattle/Eastside area? They only ones I see online. They are expensive to begin with but then add shipping and it's just crazy?
Thanks for the help
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One toy store I really like, White Horse I think in Issaquah, carries a lot of wooden stuff. I don't think I've seen a wood kitchen there, but if you ask there they may be able to tell you where you might find one. The other place to call and ask if they have them is lakeshore learning in Bellevue. They have a lot of teaching supplies, and lots of ECE/Kindergarten teachers have wooden kitchens in their classrooms, so there is at least a shot.
Top Ten Toys in Seattle usually has wooden kitchens-it's where I got one for my dd. You might want to try Izilla's Toys in Seattle as well.
When we got ours, it was with free shipping. I don't remember where we got it (over 2 years ago, sorry!), but what about doing a web search for "wooden play kitchens free shipping" and see what you find? I remember having choices of companies that had free shipping.......and then, you might not have sales tax!
Good luck, Karen
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I've been looking for one, too, but I'm in Portland. Hope you don't mind if I piggyback on this post.
Anyone know a good place for wooden toys in PDX?
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Thanks for the suggestions -- I have suggested to both my brother in law and my father in law that they could build one for my son but they haven't exactly jumped at the chance - hahaha.
They had a really cute one at Costco but I'm not sure if they still had them in stock.
Clover in the old part of Ballard had one last time we were in there, it was cute but I didn't look at the price - probably high since everything in there seems to be pricey.

We requested one from family for Christmas and they pooled their money together and got one for DS from - does your DC have a birthday coming up or anything where that might work?
I was just going to say that when I was at Target yesterday I saw them.
Which Target?
I've seen the wooden kitchens at the northgate target. Very cute and gender neutral, 80$. It had pots and pans and stuff too.
Wow, the ones on those target links are cute. And waaaay more affordable than the Elves and Angels ones. I love those, but man are they pricey. I did notice at Nova Natural Toys the prices include shipping.

I saw play kitchens at Clover Toys in Ballard too. One other place that might be cool to check out is Bootyland (which we think totally rocks btw) on Capitol Hill. They had what looked to be locally handmade play kitchens for under $150.

I am also looking for play kitchens too, but I think I have convinced my dad and grandpa to help me make one. We are too cheap to even spend $100 on one.
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I'm pretty sure I just saw an ad for one on Craigslist in Portland! Good Luck!

We got ours at Thinker Toys in Multnomah Village. (sw portland) It was spendy, but even the crappy plastic ones at ToysRUs were expensive. My mom insisted she wanted to buy my daughter a play kitchen, so I let her buy it
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Thanks for the extra info --I'll call some more of those places tomorrow -- The one at Target is my back-up -- They have the $80 one in stock in Issaquah.
I went into bootyland kids today -great little store- they do have one little kitchen in stock right now. It is the first one that the people have made and they are working on others. It is painted plywood and fairly cute. The one in the store is purple with flowers and I wanted a more plain/gender nuetral one. The store owner said they would make/decorate to order. $110

I decided to go ahead and get the Target one - oh well.

Thanks for the help.

Me n Mom's also has some- both in Ballard and in Issaquah
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