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woohoo! My first diaper purchase for baby #2, and intro

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Made my first purchase, I think I scored with the low price on this Righteous Baby diaper, what do you think? Seemed like a good score to me! Not sure how soon it'll fit the new baby, she says newborn to 24 months, any RB users who've used this size with newborns?

With Emma I used pins, prefolds and plastic gerber covers, the covers SUCKED and regularly broke down with normal laundering, but I couldn't afford to replace them with anything better. She's in disposable pull ups now, after being potty trained for a few months and then absolutely regressing
Anyways, no pressure on her, but wanting to try a better cloth diapering system for this ew baby, due in August.

I'm hoping to get a dozen bum genius's to try, and maybe some very baby AIO's, the bum genius appeals to me since it's one size fits all and would be very cost effective. I'll probably also use the newborn prefolds we still have from Emma and get some pro wrap covers.

Then, I've been reading and watching these boards for some time, learning about all the fabulous hyena quality diapers, and I'd like to slowly collect some cool wahm hyena diapers! Finding quality used ones will probably be how I start, perhaps as the the baby gets bigger and stays in sizes longer and I've learned from less expensive used ones which ones I realy like I'll splurge and get some new ones.
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oh, and what kinds of covers would fit this diaper, besides righteous baby covers?
Congrats! I've heard good things about RB dipes, and that one is really cute. I started out with pfs, pins and Gerber covers too, but that was 18 years ago - and I'd never go back again. Have fun building up your stash!
I love that owl print! It is a strange auction because she doesn't say what size Righteous Baby diaper it is. AFAIK, there are two sizes, 1 and 2. My DD fit into the size 1 up to about 3 months old and was able to wear the size 2 from 2 months on. The size 1s are very low rise, which is where we ran into trouble with my daughter's big behind. The size 2s fit really bulky, poofy at first, but now they fit wonderfully (DD is 22 months old.) You can use any cover that you would normally use over a prefold or other fitted with an RB. They are very trim diapers. In fact, they are pretty much one pee diapers unless you add a doubler. Ann's sewing is immaculate. They are very well made.

ETA: Oops, I forgot to say HI! and Welcome!!
I really like muttaquins as an easy to get but really nice dipe and not too pricey compared to some!! I use her one size myself which works great for me because my baby keeps changing size and shape... I have some of her newborn size from a friend that I am saving for my SIL who is
and they are awesome and fit until about 12 pounds or so and really fit at birth which many dipes do not...

which gulf island on you on?? I always wanted to live over there (and still do in many ways) but could never figure out how to earn a living??!! anyhoo we are in Maple Ridge area on the mainland

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