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wool cover too big! Should I shrink it?

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I just got a new Aristocrat soaker in XL. I had one a while back in Large and we had leaks, I thought it was pulled too thin over DSs big diaper butt. It always leaked out the top of the back at night where there is only one layer.

anyways now I have an XL that is too big it falls down when he runs. I think he may have thinned out, I sold the Large so I can't compare now. I thought that maybe i could shrink it. Should I try it? If so, How? Just wash it with a regular load of laundry or in the sink with hot water?
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if you try to shrink it, it will felt and won't be stretchy anymore. Just an FYI
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The other thing is that it might shrink way too much and not fit at all and like todzwife said it wont be stretchy.

Knit shrinks differently than jersey or flannel wool. I would be nervous to do it.

Maybe you can trade someone for another large. Sounds like your large might have just need a good lanolizing to keep it from wicking.
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