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Wool Covers ... Clothes Shaver ?

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Can i use my clothes shaver (pilling remover) on my Bumpy Wool Covers? They are real pilly at the edges and not sure if it will mess up the serging or now ... Thanks!
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I use it on microfleece without a problem. I can put my finger against it and it won't hurt me. Maybe you shouldn't put it on the serging, but just thewool? It shouldn't hurt it, but I haven't tried that yet
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I shaved my LTK. It worked good.
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Ive shaved my crat, LTK and my bumpys without problem. Just go lightly
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Originally posted by sweetfeet
Ive shaved my crat,
Ok, I read this as "I shaved my cat"
Anyways, I have use a lint shaver on a whole bunch of my wool covers, with no ill effects. I have also used a lint roller onb some of the sewn covers to get the little lint off, which worked even better than the shaver.
My cat goes to the groomers:LOL So its an acurate statement either way
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