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wool covers leak (with pic)

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My aunt graciously made E a few wool covers back before she was born. They're absolutely adorable, but every time she wears them they seem to just soak through everything. I was convinced that wool just didn't work.. but now I'm rethinking that and assuming there must just be something wrong with these covers. They're a loose knit, but they don't have big spaces, and they're the shape of regular undies. I've seen wool covers that seem to go up the waist pretty high, and down the leg.. Are my covers just too short? Maybe the lanolin is no good? Any suggestions?

Actually, now that I'm looking at the pic, they do come up farther than I thought..

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OMG that is an awesome, beautiful nursing picture! I love it. Love the her eyelashes and bright eyes. Awww! I just want to kiss her head!

I have no idea about the cover really. Is the diaper totally soaked when you take off the cover? She might need extra absorbency in the dipe.

What lanolin are you using? Maybe someone else will know about different lanolin brands.
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What a great pic! The cover appears to be okay. Have you lanolinized it? Is it possible that it's not 100% wool?
Moonstar, that's an interesting idea.. I don't know if it's 100% wool.. hmm, will have to ask my aunt!
maybe try one of the disana covers to compare?

we use them and they do get damp (but nothing close to soaked). i've grown to like that as a cue to change the diaper.
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