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Wool fresh from the source - good for soakers?

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I'm watching Reading Rainbow (of all things) and they're having this great piece on sheep shearing, yarn dying, etc.

Which reminded me I have an aunt and uncle that have some sheep they shear about this time of year. And that I might be able to get some of their yarn, or even convince my aunt to knit a soaker for me. They even have the yarn spinning thing (can't remember it's actual name) in their living room.

Oh, my question - would that (farm fresh) yarn be good or not so good for soakers?


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Oh YES!!! It will have almost all of the natural lanolin and will work beautifully!!! The only thing is yarn spun on a mule (I think that's what those hand spinning things are called) can have inconsistecies (sp) in it's thickness and there will probably be little pieces of vegetable matter (like grass and hay) in it. It's not a big deal imo though.

Definately go for it!
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It depends upon what kind of wool it is. Most wool suitable for soakers is shorn from "wool sheep" - sheep raised for the quality and softness of their wool. I would ask what kind of wool it is - you don't want anything rough next to precious baby buns. But wool that comes from someone you know, and hasn't been treated with harsh chemicals should otherwise be preferable. Plus the more lanolin left in it, the better. It could be really cool -especially if it's hand spun.
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