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Wool frustrations....

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I've been a wool user since my first baby was just a couple of weeks old, thanks to a friend who urged me to try Aristocrats for nighttime. Lately I've been branching out, and usually use the Disana pull-on, which works great too. Then last night I put ds2 in the New Life Woolens shorts I won on ebay last week (they are crochet) and in the middle of the night he woke up crying and his bed was wet. I lanolized these before he wore them too. He does sleep on his back, plus he has hypospadias, so a lot of the pee ends up in the back of the diaper instead of the front, so I guess that does make leaking more likely from compression. Anyway, these shorts are night and thick, and I was hoping they'd work for nighttime. But since these didn't work, then how in the world are the BJ Marketplace longies going to work (I got 2 new pairs of them for $15 each on ebay, because was clearing out her stock!). Plus I got 2 knitwitzbaby soakers from the TP. My intention is to use wool mainly overnight, not necessarily during the day. My kids just get too dirty! Even ds2, at only 6 months old, earns his baths (like by getting his prunes all over his body!).

Anyway, I'm thinking the knitted/crocheted soakers aren't going to work for us afterall. Unless you all have some suggestions. I'm not sure a bulkier diaper would have fit under the shorts ds2 wore last night... Are there certain brands of knitted/crocheted soakers that you have found work better than others for overnight?

I might be adding some wool to my stuff for sale at the tp.....
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What about a soaker inside the diaper?

I have a lot of other wool, but for night time I pretty much only use our aristocrats. They've never failed me. My BJ soakers would probably cut it though, and I'm sure my other knit wools would too (IMO, too pretty for night time!).
How about a thin wool wrap and a pair of longies? That's what we used when my DS was such a heavy wetter, and we never had a leak.
You know don't write it all off because of one bad night, it could be your DS just went a lot more last night (we all have those nights
) and sometimes crochet doesn't work as well as knit for some people, sometimes knit doesn't work as well as crochet for some people. Wool is a trial and error type of thing, an aristocrat is knit, even if it is thicker, it is still knit wool. I would try other things, maybe test them out in the day time? Don't write off all knit/crochet wool because it didn't work once, your knit stuff may work just fine for you!
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Yeah, I know I jumped the gun a little with the talk of selling it all! I was just annoyed! I am getting some wool interlock and wool jersey soon so i can sew up some thin wraps to use with other covers/longies for overnight. I guess I didn't want it to be complicated, but nighttime diapering generally is complicated anyway, with the doublers, fleece liners, etc!
It's very possible that it was just a super pee night. Anything might have leaked.

I would give it more nights. I would also take the scraps from that wool you just got and make some liners. Put them under the soaker part of the diaper... assuming the diapers have a snap-in or flap style soaker that you can put the wool under.

It will not add bulk noticably, and you can use 3 layers if he is a super soaker.... just add the wool.

If you get up, you might be able to change him once during the night too. I know many people don't do this, but I did until Emily was dry all night. Fortunately, she was dry from somewhere around 10 months old... strange huh?

And I still get up twice during the night to pee. So, he might just be one of us who can't wait all night... we have to get up at least once.

Good luck...

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I was going to suggest adding a doubler to the diaper. Wool works great for us...although sometimes the baby will wake up damp--never soaking wet...except with a BJ Soaker (we can only use those during the day). I like Bumpy wool, Aristocrats and certain crocheted or knit WAHM made soakers work well, too.
We have nights where ds wakes in the middle of the night soaked and then I put the same thing back on him in a few days and it works all night. I think things can change night to night. I have one pair of cro. shorts and they don't seem to hold up as well as my knitteds at night IMO.
You might just need a little more absorbancy. My girls are 13 months and still wet most nights. Some nights are completely dry, and others they are just soaked in the morning. We always put on a super absorbant diaper with a doubler. Sometimes it's overkill and other times it's just what they need. I'd try upping your absorbancy and give the wool another go around. In my experience crocheted wool is very absorbant and would be a great option for naptime and night time diapering.
I would suggest a more absorbant diaper, maybe with an added doubler. I have quite a few crocheted soakers, and they actually work *better* than knitted at night. If I know I will be sleeping in, I put on my thickest crocheted soaker, never a leak!

What diaper did you have on under it? Doubled up prefolds or a good hemp fitted are good at night time.
I was also going to suggest a wool doubler strategically placed where you think the brunt of the dampness will be.
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