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hey mamas!
I am new to the Waldorf MDC forum, but will soon come to introduce our family in more detail.
I actually have an emergency, we just moved from Europe to CT, and i can't seem to find high wool socks here.

Nova natural has ankle socks but it's so expensive (40 dol for 2 pairs+ shipping), i found a shop called kozydesigns on Ebay that does socks but again, only ankle socks, though more affordable.
Smart wool doesn't fit the bill because it's not pure wool.
I really start to think I should have bought my stock when it was possible. But it's starting to be cold, and Theophane is freezing in his cotton socks...

any ideas? there must be a place where they still make good old fashioned woolen socks at an affordable price...

Isabelle, with Theophane, 21 months.
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