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Wool matress covers??

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Has anyone ever used wool fabric for a big matress cover? I just put down a big piece of wool interlock fabric under my matress pad. I was pretty proud of my idea. I had to strip the sheets cause DD peed the bed (that was fun to sleep in a towel in a room that stunk of pee) When I stripped the sheets this morning I was sad to see all of the rings from juice, pee and mama's milk. So I put this fabric down and I'm curious to see if it works!

I didn't lanolize it first- but it's undyed and untreated so there should be a good amount of natural lanolin, yes?
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I remember a post about this on another board a while back, someone was using wool as a pad under baby at night, I think it helped. I think my Mom bought a wool mattress cover off of the shopping channel once, I should ask her about it.
Yup! I have some underneath dd's sheets to protect her mattress. I
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for Aaron and it helped. It is on his matress now even though he never sleeps there....
I have a big wool blanket we don't use, I wonder if I lanolized it maybe I could use it too. I've got a mattress pad but my little boy has peed through it 2 or 3 times. I could out the blanket under the mattress pad as another layer, hmm...
We use a felted wool blanket under us. On top of some flannelized rubber mat. Very comfy!!
Hmmm.. I like that idea. I will try that under my occasional night time accident 3 year old. Abigail sleeps directly on top of a sheep skin (the kind they put under parapelegics to keep them from getting bedsores) and I have found tha tmy only problems is that she tends to wick in a wool soaker at night. I assume its because the wool fibers are directly touching, it doesn't matter which one. That is why she sleeps in an acrylic one (which I actually like
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I have a king-size felted wool flannel blanket on my bed under our sheet and it works just peachy. I opted for the wool once DS moved into our bed after his birth. Its PERFECT! It works pretty much like his wool soakers.

After seeing how nicely it worked on our bed, I went to the thrift store and bought a bunch of old wool blankets and machine washed them in some wool wash and lanolin and put them on all the beds.
I even have one on DS's crib (which is more of a clothes hamper

They do absorb moisture like a soaker would but I haven't found the mattress underneath to be damp even if the blanket is damp. In the morning, instead of "making the bed" I unmake it...
by folding down the down comforter and letting the bed "air dry" just like I would with a soaker.

It also makes the bed feel warmer or cooler if that makes sense. I noticed with our old mattress pad that it would get too hot under the covers.
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