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I am cleaning out my closet and realizing that I won't be heading to work for a while, and definately won't need wool pants in California. In Massachusetts they were GREAT. These are all in EC, but probably would need to be dry cleaned (as the pictures show, they are wrinkles and at least need ironing -not my forte). Asking $6 each + postage, or the lot for $22 + postage. I can take both cc and non cc paypal, but please add the fee [(total x 0.29) + .30] to cc transactions. Thanks!

Pictures at:

1. Giorgio Sant Angelo 100% pure wool black. Size 8.

2. Rafaella 100% Worsted wool forest green. Size 10.

3. Giorgio Sant Angelo 100% pure wool dark blue. Size 8.

4. Red Pendleton blazer, unknown size probably 8.
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