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Wool Pants?

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I'm really interested in buying some wool pants but I have no experience with them and have really only used a wool soaker once (last night)! Could someone please give me some reccomendations on where to start for my 9 month old son?


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Depends on what your looking for, there are people that sell the wool pants out of recycled sweaters on e-bay, there is a co-op in the TP for the NZ wool pants (not sure if this is still open or not, and I have never tried those) and LTK has a pattern for knitting your own, also Jenny has a free pattern for knitting your own too :

And there are a few knitting moms that are making them for sale as well.

I can tell you from my experience they ROCK, I love the way they work, I love the whole idea of them, natural fibers (and the yarn I use is so soft) and warm pants and a diaper cover all in one!
(of course I am probably biased about wool as well) ~ `
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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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