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wool pants

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i am just finding out about the beauty of wool pants and am looking to find out where to buy them. i know about little turtle knits' longies and the cushie tushie, both of which are wonderful. please let me know of others.

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I *think* there is a co-op going on right now for the long wool pants from NZ, they are much lower in price, but of course they are just natural in color (you could koolaid dye them though). Check the co-op board for that.

Also check e-bay I know they have a lot of wool pants up lately, lots of cute stuff, some from recycled sweaters which are also more affordable than a hand knit one.

And if your just looking for wool, and not neccessarly knits, Sugarbums ( has some out of wool jersey (I think) that fit like sweat pants, and have gotten great reviews. and I think it was patchwork pixie as well that has some wool pants (unsure, but don't think they are knits) you can get those at Tuesday bear, ( Hope this helps! Let us know what you get! ~
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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