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Wool Pocket Diapers ~ Tell me if you like yours! ~

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I'm interested in a Wool Pocket Diaper but unsure about how felted wool next to baby would work..... someone chime in with their experiences, please! (I know there was a discussion a couple of weeks ago, and I wondered if more people had a c hance to test these out since then)
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I'm wondering myself. I would love to buy one. She had one w/a froggy on it at one point and I"m kind of waiting to see if she'll do another like that.
Ok so...would you have to wash these each time he peed in them? I don't mind the little pee the airs out on covers, but if they go right on the wool that might not dry and air out. And where do you hang a wover that is pee ladden until it dries? Obviously if he pooped it's need washed
. The fish and fishing pole is cute in blue for a boy.
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I guess you just machine wash it delicate with baby shampoo and no lanolin?
Hmm. Interesting. Do you have a gentle front loader? I know ours has a silks and hand wash cycle on it. That would probably work. I would thing a top loader might aggitaite it too much a felt it???? As I got to looking at the fish one the worm look like a terd. Haha.

They look like they're really nicely made, but I would be concerned about having to wash the wool constatntly. I don't know how well it would hold up. If you were to use it as a cover, you would only have to wash it once in a while. But I would think that you would have to wash a pocket dipe every time it is used...

Maybe you can email her and ask her what her care instructions are before you buy one.
I don't mind the hassle of washing, if it would work and not repell the pee on contact. I'd love for a nice, natural, stay-dry effect from the wool if it's soft enough and fast-absorbant enough.
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