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I think fleece wouldn't work very well as a puddle pad because fleece can have compression wicking - ie. if you have baby sitting in something like a carseat with a fleece wrap it might wick through. I never use fleece wraps at bedtime or during car trips (or for baby when in carrier) for just this reason.
The beauty of wool is that not only is it a good "waterproof" barrier to use as a diaper wrap (or puddle pad), but it also absorbs up to 30% of it's weight in liquid. I use wool soakers every night with both my boys and the dipes are soaked and the soakers damp as well but we seldom have problems with the bed getting wet.
I know wool can be really expensive, but look to recycle! Lots of people haunt the thrift stores or back of their closets for old wool sweaters or other wool clothing. My sister gave me a huge wool skirt that would make an awesome puddle pad (which is actually just what I may do with it - thanks for the idea!
If you are going to use wool clothing for a puddle pad I would felt it first. You could also do kind of a neat patchwork type puddle pad if you can't find a big enough single item of clothing to recycle.
Good luck!
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