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Wool soaker sacks versus wool wraps?

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How do you all feel about wool soaker sacks? I hadn't heard of them when my little guy was born so haven't tried them. However, I have 4 friends with babies due in th next 2 months who will be CDing and I'd like to make them something. Do you think a knit soaker sack would be better than a knit wool wrap? I hated using regular soakers in the first few months so I was thinking they might like these. Any input for me?
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Any one?
Well, I actually don't like the wool sack idea. I keep thinking that their little legs will be rubbing up against the wet diaper. Damp little baby legs just don't sound good to me. I'd go with a wool wrap, maybe in the Ribby Wrap pattern from
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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