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This has happened to me unfortunately often. Here is my made-up technique that seems to work pretty well.

Rinse the stain immediately and thoroughly with water.
Saturate the stain with Dr. Bronner's Magic soap and squeeze the fibers (trying not to rub) to pull the stain out. Rinse, repeat.

Sometimes, especially if I am not able to do the above step right away, I saturate the stain with Enzyme Stain Remover and let it sit like that until I can really finish the job.

Wash the spot with a lanolized soap bar - like WOW (used to be MonkeySudz).

You can follow this with an allover wash/soak in Euculan if you like, but I've started just lanolizing separately wtih hot water and liquid lanolin - seems much more effective.

If possible, let the soaker dry in open sunlight. Sunlight is the best stain remover ever.

Hope this helps! If you don't have any of the above products, you could just use dishsoap or Euculan directly on the stain and then put it in sunlight.

I have also (gasp!) occasionally just run my soaker with a load of cold wash laundry when a stain has been really stubborn. I only do this with NON-handmade soakers though (i.e. Aristocrats). Then I give them a really good lanolizing afterwards.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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