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WOOL wrap/cover?

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are there any WAHM's who make more of a weap/cover type knitted soaker rather than a pull-on one? just curious...

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I am sure the other mamas could think of more but AJ'z comes to my mind.

Not for sure on this one but I thought I've seen Flicker 'n Suds make soakers w/snaps?
ummm...who is AJ's and is there a link?
Green Mountain Wee Woolies on Ebay makes a Aplix wool soaker. They're quite cute actually. Felted wool. Just search for wool wrap, I think, that ought to bring them up.
Hi, I am sorry but I do not how to link you up but here is the website: or you could just do a Yahoo search under AJ'z wool and the dealers/retailers will pop up.

Hope this helps.

Theresa from ltk made one recently that was very pretty. I don't know where it was posted to sell though. It was one of those new conglomerates... Does anyone know???

they sell wool wraps with aplix closures, there are also some for sale on the tp
Theresa's is coming at universal mama. She's testing a new pattern now. You can see it at -- purty thing! And I've heard that fern and faerie is also testing an aplix wrap... watch for it at

And, finally, a free pattern:

Anything else I can help you with today?
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