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Woolie mommas...a question

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I was just wondering. I know that wool is a great diapering material, both wool liners and covers. I have seen wool nursing pads and wondered how mommas like them?

I know this is not strictly diaper related, but I thought that since cd mommas know so much about wool, this would be the best place to get answers to this question.
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they are great!!! made from the softest wools, absorbent, don't feel wet.

one great plus is you only need 2 pairs, can let them air out between uses. also if you have cracked nipples (lets hope you dont) they are antibacterial so it stays off infection.

Gosh I've been wondering this as well. What does one look for in a wool nursing pad? Could I make my own from wool flannel scraps? Will they work for a new mom heavy leaker?
That is what I have been wondering....the heavy leaking part. In those first few weeks I would soak a sposie pad in about 10-15mins. I got some flannel pads with windpro on the outer layer and those worked much better. But, I was wondering if the wool would be better in the first weeks or only work well once your supply has evened out.
I used pads that I knit from super soft merino wool from the dayt eh boys came home, and I have super leackage and they were always fine. Wool can absorb up to 30% of it's weight in liquid before it even begins to feel damp, so that's a LOT of leaking, LOL! Not sure where you can get them, but if you can knit you can do it yourself
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