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Woolly Bottoms

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I have to give Shannon at the biggest rave. I ordered a soaker for B and got it FAST! It's absolutely gorgeous and oh so soft.

I hate to post this, lol....because I know that with her LOW prices and great quality, I'll have a hard time getting more!
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I have to second this rave for Shannon at woollybottoms. I have purchased a total of three soakers (2 custom and 1 instock) from her, and I couldn't be happier. Her customer service is incredible, and the quality of her products is top notch. She worked closely with me to create the perfect custom soakers for DD, and was quick to send them to me once they were done. I have only recently ventured into the world of wool, and I know that I will definitely be purchasing more soakers and longies from Shannon as I build up my stash.
I know what you mean about hating to post about her prices.
But thanks for this review because I went to Shannon and LOVE her and her products. I have three soakers for our 3rd cded baby. Never used wool before, but I am a convert. She also has these great new wool changing pads/blankies. And I love that everything is recycled. We have some customs in the work and I cannot wait.
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Yep, I have 2 wolly bottoms and they are my favorite soakers so far. I'm waiting for more.........
I just bought my first soaker from Shannon last week. I think I paid for it on Thursday and it arrived yesterday (Monday) in the mail. I am so pleased with her friendliness, workmanship and superfast shipping!
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i've ordered mutliple recycled wool longies from shannon, as well as a bunch of her oh-so-helpful wool doublers to help out with the overnight flood from my heavywetter. the wool choices are great and the construction impeccible. communication is always very friendly and shipping is very prompt. great products, good prices and super customer service!
I am almost ashamed to say that Shannon knows my addy by heart. I love all of her stuff and highly recommend them!
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