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WoooHoooo, ex is on vacation for a week!

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My ex left today for a cruise, he'll be gone for the whole week. I'm happy because he won't be able to contact me while on his vacation and that means I get a week of peace. I also get a week straight of uninterrupted time with DS. Now if only his ship would get lost at (I'm kidding, really).
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Yay! I like the 'no contact' last (if only for a while)
Isn't it great?! Enjoy your time! My ex is gone for six days on a business trip in Chicago and I'm sure he's so blasted that he hasn't tried calling and it's been wonderful to have this time with my boys!!!!
woohoo!! can u take a couple of days off too?

Originally Posted by meemee
woohoo!! can u take a couple of days off too?
A day without being harassed by ex is a day off in my book! It is such a wonderful feeling to not have to worry he is calling to yell at me about something everytime my phone rings. It is great to know that DS will be with me for the next week and ex is not going to call and try to bully me into giving up my time with DS. Things are much more peaceful. Tomorrow we are going to my mom's house to go swimming (DS LOVES the pool) and have a little birthday party for my birthday that just passed. It's gonna be a lot of fun. It's gonna be great to finally have DS for an entire weekend uninterrupted. I think we're gonna go to the beach Sunday.
Yea Jillian! I love it whan my ex goes away: it's so peaceful.

Like yours, my ex likes to call and berate me, pick fights etc. I screen all my calls. I never pick it up until I know who it is. Saves lots of aggravation.
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