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Wore my first CDs today! Mommy needs help....

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hi, my name's dylan and i am 8,5 mos old. i wore my first cds today, free of em - one, two, free (this is all i have so guess what mommy is doing right now? yep
you guessed it shes
). since i don't know many words i will tell a little and show yiou how it went and then mommy can fill you in. here it is

yeah, i like this

uh, mommy somefins wrong

soak em, soak em

i don't know how to help mommy keep me dry, please help her while i nappy
in her lappy. i've had a long hard day, i might nappy all night so thanks for helping my mommy. grins,
: dylan

Hi everyone! First, please pardon my lil doodle bug, he likes to stick his bum in the air, as you can see dipey or not!
: As you can tell we tried out our first
: today. Currently all we have are 3 LC Organic Hemp w/ snap in liner - at the suggestion of the WHAM we purchased them new from and those of you that helped us out last night - we washed them 3 times in hot water w/ a table spoon of Gain (that is all we had). We are waiting on the rest of our stash.

PLEASE guide us, help us make this work. We REALLY, REALLY want this to work.

To start out with we did not have a normal day today. DS was scheduled for a Renal Scan at 7:00 a.m. and we live almost and hour from the hospital. Combine that *episode* (I need to figure out where to post that rant) and his play date at the park with his pal-ies, we didn't get home until after 2:00. DS doesn't eat nearly as much while we are out and about like this.

I put his first CD on him around 3:30. He had
extra good (he's got lots of makin up to do!). He took an ever so brief nappy and played. I checked his dipe off and on. Around 5:45 I could tell he was wet. I changed him and the liner was fairly damp and the dipe was slightly damp. On went # two.

At about 6:30 I checked him, he had :boy: briefely and had a dinner of solids in this 40 - 45 min slot. Wayyy wet! I changed him and noticed that the liner was bunched.
I got a little cocky after the first dipey going so well and didn't take the extra care of making sure the liner was correctly placed. On with free.

Just before 7:00, I checked him and he was SOAKED, liner and dipe!!! The liner was correctly positioned this time.

I don't want to have to put covers over his dipes all the time, I want him to be able to run around the house and get plenty of air circ. I have purchased several covers and soakers and am learning about prefolds. Do I use prefolds plus liners? Too I have a couple of AIO's and several fitteds on the way.

As for DS being heavy wetter? I am not sure. He has no consistent pattern. Some days he will :nursing2: alot and wet a little and visa versa. Sometimes he will do both a lot. Him not having a wetting pattern may have something to do with the fact that he his right kidney is ever so slightly dilated. And his left kidney was significantly more dilated and seems to be getting a bit worse (yep, that is why we were up and out for tests SO EARLY this a.m.). We are working w/ new drs w/ new opinions, so I'm not 100% sure how this effects his wets.

I know this has been long, but I wanted to make sure you had all of the details because I know many variables can come into play. Oh, and most importanty DS had to have his input too!

Again, I plea for your wisdom, experience and knowledge
to help us make this work. I don't have 100% support on this and I refuse to fail!
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I've discovered that my DD has NO pattern to her wetting/pooing schedule. I never know from one minute to the next what she's gonna do. Needless to say, I've had lots of soaked covers because of it.

With only 3 dipes so far, don't expect it to work like clockwork
You'll need your whole stash to make you feel like you are getting the hang of it.

As far as keeping him dry, I'd throw a piece of fleece in there. It will wick the moisture away from him and keep him dryer (your dipes will still get soaked, but he'll stay dry). I just bought a yard of fleece from the fabric store and cut them out... I got 22 of them for 4 bucks. Can't beat that.

Good job on making the switch. I would just go with the trial and error plan of attack and you'll figure out what works for ya
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We will be out most of the day tomorrow, I'm struggling with the option of using our last sposies, especially since you have pointed out that this will be trial and error.
I started my CD journey very similar to yours. I received 3 fitteds right away and then the rest took almost 2 weeks. I was so eager to start cloth that I used those as much as I could (I literally washed them twice a day LOL) and then used my remaining sposies in between.

So, I wouldn't feel bad about using your stash until all your dipes arrive.

Do you have hemp doublers coming in your major stash? Those really came in handy (heck.. any doublers came in handy) on the times when I guessed she would heavy wet.

And I also forgot earlier, I usually always keep a cover on my DD when she's in fitteds, but I use fleece, which breathes really well. I dream of the day I get some wool
but I'm on diaper purchasing restriction for a while. I also use the fleece over a fitted (that has two snap in doublers) with two extra doublers and a piece of fleece at night (she's a megga wetter) . My poor kid can barely move with this MONSTER diaper on, but it keeps her through the night.

Have fun experimenting
I LOVE cloth!!!!
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i've not had much success going coverless. if you are going to go coverless, you need to change VERY often, unless you want everything wet (IME, that is) - especially if he's sitting on that diaper (and at 8.5 months, i'd giess he's doing a lot of sitting!). if you want to do a lot of coverless time, i'd look into wool liners - they go between your doubler and the diaper, to make the doubler absorb as much as possible. i've never used them myself, but i know a lot of coverless mommas love them. i use mainly wool wraps/soakers over my fitteds - they still breathe, and they don't get everything wet.
hmmmm...sounds like you are gonna be okay
We love our pockets btw- keeps our baby dry
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Just hang in there! I like to let my ds go without a cover when I'm home or with wool. My ds doesn't have a pattern, but I know to check him if he gets a lot of liquids.
I think you should try some wool. I have been diapering my 2 year old (who was potty learned but has reverted
) and if I let her go coverless she soaks everything. She only pees about 4-5 times a day so that is a whole lot a pee at once. Anyway, if you want something that breaths get some wool.
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