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Workbooks for math supplementation or exciting math software?

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I'm looking for some math supplementation at home.
(We don't homeschool, but I'm finding the need to afterschool.)

At this point I'm finding the math homework coming home to be too easy and am scrapping it, and I've been printing out worksheets, and doing online games and made up games instead.

I would like something to insure I'm avoiding holes, though, and not just my adhoc ideas.

Does anyone have suggestions of a good workbook that I could use as well?
It needs to be colorful, and look exciting/fun.
If it came with stickers to earn (Yes, I know I can do my own, but it is 'different' in her mind), that would be a bonus.

I'd say the girls need something in that 3rd - 4th grade range.

Also, any recommendation for online math games as well. They are currently playing Timez Attack. Alex, was too dry, but the nice thing about it was that it wasn't just a single topic. Fun and exciting math software would also be great, but I don't know that it exists.


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