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working out at home with small kids

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I need to be more active.

I've gotten workout videos a couple of times, and for a while I had a regular time when I got together with some friends to do them, but the scheduling wasn't working, plus people have moved and things shuffled and anyway, that's no longer an option (even if it had been working). So I don't have a group anymore and frankly I'm not very good about being accountable to myself
I just don't do it on my own. I think that part of it is that when I'm trying to work out I always have a 2yo climbing on me, and/or when I'm in my own home there are a million distractions--I sweep this or wipe that or change a diaper or do some laundry or dink around on the computer...

I live in Alaska, and it's below freezing outside, not to mention the snow and ice. I live in a teeny remote town, and there is no gym option. There aren't really babysitting options, so anything I want to do i have to be able to have a 30lb toddler along (ie, going for a walk with the dog won't cut it cuz I've gotta have the kid on my back--I used to do that last spring but he's too heavy now)

I would be REALLY interested in:

1--recommendations of a workout DVD that has shortish (20-30min) routines that are either really fun (motivation!) or else that kids could do with me. I cannot do high impact. I've eyed that 'core rhythms' latin dancing one, but it is so flipping expensive!

2--suggestions of how to motivate myself better to actually just do it!

thanks in advance!!!
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I have no suggestions for what you're specifically asking for, but I do have one thing that worked for me when ds1 and ds2 were small (not so much dd, because she didn't do the climbing on me thing as much). I have a step - just a simple, high-density foam one - and I'd put my little one in a carrier (used to be a backpack, now an Ergo) and step for 20-30 minutes. I could do it while watching tv, or a movie (often skipping scenes) or even reading a book.

I don't have any other thoughts, but it did help me...
I love Jennifer Gianni's DVDs. I don't know if you will find them fun, but they are effective and is low-impact. It's longer than half an hour, but you can just pick whatever exercises you like and skip the others.

Idea for being accountable...?
If you want, we can e-mail each other's progress. I know it may not be as motivating as real life work out partners, but it may be fun.
What do you think??
PM me if you want to.
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If you have a PS2 or PS3, XBox, or computer, "Yourself Fitness" is great!! She customizes a new workout each day and you can choose 15, 30, 45, or 60 minute sessions.

Plus, you let her know which days of the week you want to work out, and, if you miss a day, she'll remind you about that when you log in next time. You can also track your weight loss on the program.
What has worked for me is to have a short term (about 3 months) goal. This has worked with both online and real life friends. We didn't even have to meet, just report on progress once a week. The goal doesn't have to be weight loss. It could be time spent with on exercise or laps etc. My plan was to find a new goal after the first three months were up but everyone always seems done by then.
I think an online accountability buddy would probably work for me.

It also occured to me to put a little thing on the side of my blog that shows my progress...I'm not really in it for weight loss (actually hoping to get pg here), but I just need to be more active, you know? I sit around a lot (usually in front of the computer
) and I can see my bootie and assorted other parts getting wobblier than they used to be

We got a ps3 for christmas, so I'll checkout yourself fitness--that might work well for me. Haveing even a little digital character telling me off might help
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What a tough situation!

I have used Jillian from the biggest loser 30 day shred. It's hard but good.

Denise Austin's Bootcamp has 2 20 min. routines that are awesome as well.

Good Luck
How about Leslie Sansone's Walk Away The Pounds dvds? They are basically fast-walking in place dvds. Once you get the moves down you can walk in place and do some arm movements whenever you have a spare minute. I have a pedometer so I can keep track of daily movement. Push ups only take a second and are good for strength training. That's basically what I do, since most days I'm lucky if I get the dishes washed. LOL Sure sounds
: where you are!
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I've also used the walk away the pounds, and the first biggest loser one. Both have options for 20 minute routines. They also come with longer ones, but I haven't attmepted them yet.

One thing I do now if I exercise when the kids are sleeping. I put the dvd on the computer and watch tv. I can half watch the dvd and concentrate on the tv also. I have tried just marching or doing the steps on while I watch tv, but I quit after 5 minutes (and that seems like ages). WhenI put the dvd on I can go for about 20 and feel like I just finished the workout.

Originally Posted by kamesennin View Post
How about Leslie Sansone's Walk Away The Pounds dvds? They are basically fast-walking in place dvds.
I love these!
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