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worried about bug bite + roseola

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Hi, I could use some hugs!!!
I'm so worried about my dd. She was diagnised with roseola on Monday which from what I've read isn't that bad of a virus, any I wrong about this?

What really has me worried is a bug bite she got last week on june 20th on her arm, it looked like a raised pimple for a few days, then it had small dots around the outside circumfrence of the bite. It's been about a 2cm circle size area with a point in the middle, no white head top. Then the pimple-looking bite's swelling went down and it started to fade, but the smaller circle dots around it were more visable. She saw the doc this Mon the 28th who said if it isn't gone by this Fri to call her and gave me a cream. She had a fever from last Wed thru Sun, and broke out with a rash on Sun nite/Mon which we figured was roseola before we brought her to the docs(it was her 15m checkup anyway) Since Monday it has turned into a rash, same size area, but now bumpy, rashy skin. She also has a smaller dot on her upper arm that is acting similar. I'm not even positive it's a bug bite. (I'm not paranoid, but it the back of my head, I'm thinking, flesh eating disease, lyme disease, etc.)

What really has me freaked out is, today she took a pillow and laid down and put a blanket overherself on the parlor floor and fell asleep all by herself at 9:24, she's 15m old, I was dumbfounded! I have been with her all week, paying attention, and I was on the pc when it happened. Our day started when she woke up at 7am and nursed on and off til 7:30 until we got up for the day, then she nursed more too. She slept for 1hr20min, and is now sleeping again since 1:54. She usually takes 2 naps, but is so fussy.

Is this her body getting herself better, by sleeping more(and easier, lol) and being more clingy and bf more. She had a rough start in life(serious micnium problems) and I think I'm over reacting, but I am very worried and don't know if it's me just being overtired from her being sick for a week.

Any thoughts?
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hey sweetie!
my dd (10 months) just got over roseola last month.....
i went nuts for about 48 hrs trying to diagnose her symptoms....
she is better now, but it took her about 14 days to get over the secondary resportary infection that got her when her immune system was down from the roseola...i also made the mistake of not realizing that she was sick at the very begining of the roseola nd probably did not help her get hte peace and rest she needed....i thought she was just being fussy/teething
she is better now
and the web sight (besides this one!) that helped me diagnose her and moniter her symptoms best was dr. sears websight....i just went to rashes and had all the info i needed to relax
and i think that it is perfectly normal for your daughter to need more sleep, comfort and boobies, her body is working over time right now to fight off all the roseola virus etc
i am sure you have read this here (we talk alot about this on the vax board...) but childhood illness, especially ones with fever, are closely linked with major jumps in child development
for instance, after my dd got over her roseola she uped he rvocabulary by 5 new words (her biggest jump yet) in about a week and learned how to stand up all by herself.
it makes sense that the detox that goes on during an illness teamed with the lull/extra rest and boobies paves way for new development
good luck
try the dr sears websight
and feel free to pm me if you need any more support
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Thanks for the hugs!
Today has been tough for me, but I know it'll pass, I just hate been in the middle of a tough time, kwim?
Dh put her to bed and he went to bed too, lol, we're both cranky and exhausted and tired of falling behind because dd is so needy, but I know it's almost over.
I'm going to look up the small rash on her arm on the dr sears website, becuz it is strange, and her behaviors arew a little off still.
I think I keep repeating all her symptoms because I know they're normal and I just need affirmations that she's gonna be okay.
Actually, I haven't been reading about little ones on this board, I usually read them on the toddler board, but I'm going to look thru some old posts, I never realized how after an illness a child's milestones will be effected, that's very intereting. I know when she nurses alot she may be setting herself up for a growing spurt.
Thanks again!
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