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I've had two vag. births and one section. As it happens I have two underlying medical conditions, one of which recommends c-section for all pregnancies the other after surgery, which happened between #2 and #3 and also after #3 .

I had my c-section in a fairly upmarket area of the US, private rooms, drugs always arrived on time, no problem getting gluten free food, personal breast pump (baby had to go to NICU).

I live in the UK now, same hospital as my first two were born at is the local hospital, I'm not actually pregnant yet, we're in the planning stage. I've heard some bad things about having a c-section there and in the UK in general, mostly drugs not given on time, also a typical ward is open plan with bays of 4-6 women, this means dad can't stay around the clock, which was something I really needed last time.

Beds are all manual no buttons to raise the head up and down for comfort, due to the condition and surgeries mentioned above I'm disabled, I can walk but not far and my muscles are a long way from normal, I use a wheelchair everywhere but my own home and I use it there on bad days.

We're doing ok financially and we thing work top up medical insurance will pay something for a necessary c-section. We're close enough to London to drive there for a scheduled section as that seems to be where the private hospitals or wings of NHS hospitals are though we'd probably prefer local prenatal care which as is normal here will begin with a midwife though I fully expect it to involve consultants.

Fundamentally I'm hoping we can pay to make things better, I think the nurse ratio was 1 to 4 at the US hospital and my day 2 post section was quite bad and they tried everything they could.

I had such a bad experience in hospital after my first in the UK that I left hospital 5hrs after my 2nd was born. I think I had some degree of PTSD after that hospital stay, he's 14 now and I can feel my neck starting to sweat and my heart rate rising just typing about it.

Any UK based people who have any knowledge or experience about private c-sections rather than independent midwives.
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