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I'm not sure what I'm looking for exactly but here's the situation..<br><br>
We have an older dog (he's 11 but seems older due to a car accident 4 years ago) he's a sweetie - most of the time like all of them I guess.<br><br>
Anyway he has at least on slipped and one bulging disk in his back which have bothered him off and on the last few years.<br><br>
Last week we went out of town for a few days and took him to his favorite place to board (fido's farm - a herding/boarding place) he doesn't herd any more but he sure likes the smell of sheep. Anyway he had a great time and since come back he's had diarrehea which we attributed to changing food (we didn't bring his regular food - probably should have.) That has gotten better but this afternoon he can hardly walk poor guy. We're taking him to the vet tomorrow but I am wondering if this is the end for him. He's had a hard life, he was abused and abandoned as a puppy until we got him (someone threw him out of a car near where I worked at the time).<br><br>
Anyway. He's a corgi/chihuahua mix black and white and very loveable. My partner is going to be devestated when he goes - if it's now or later.<br><br>
We lost our cat last year and we're moving across the country this fall away from everyone so we have a lot of loss going on right now.<br><br>
Just looking for sympathy I think and tips on how to deal with this stage of doggie life.<br><br>
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