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Worried about hearing....question

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DD was born with a skin tag by her ear. From what the doctors said at the time an annomoly like that can often indicate hearing problems. That has put up some red flags but that alone is not what is causing my worry. She got the standard hearing test and passed on the left side (the side with the annomoly) and failed on the right. They said that that often happens and is usually from fluid in the ear. They didn't bring it up again and I forgot to ask if they had retested her or anything. Now that she is home we have noticed little things. Like for instance we were walking to dinner one night and two motorcycles raced down the street (Harley no means small or quiet) in the lane next to the sidewalk. We (DH and I) both cringed from the noise. DD on the other hand was unaffected and didn't even turn her head in the direction of the noise (her left side was facing them.....this is again the side that passed). Why wouldn't she react? We did and we are used to the noise. Since then we have been trying to do self checks. We've snapped our fingers, clapped our hands, and made other various noises next to both ears with no reaction. The few times she has flinched we are unsure of whether it was the noise or because we were closer to the front of her face where she could see our hands. Until we can get in to ger hearing checked my question is whether anyone has had this experience and/or whether you hasve a baby just ungenerally startled by noise? Are they ok? Did they go on to have hearing problems. TIA!
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I can't answer the questions, but as someone who has a genetic hearing loss in the family, I want to urge you to make an appointment with an audiiologist for a more in depth screening than the standard hospital one.

DS passed his hearing screen with flying colors, and currently reacts to most sounds, loves songs, laughs, etc, but as a wee new born generally didn't flinch. He was just mellow.
When did he start reacting to noises? If not flinching at least turning to the sound?

It's almost as if she has no startle reflex.
I know the worry. My mom was born completley deaf in one of her ears. So there is a family history. Dd1 passed her hospital test, but at almost 11 months at two different fourth of July parties she didn't even blink at the fireworks. In fact, she fell asleep at one with the fireworks being shot off 5 feet away. We took her to the ped and he said it needed to be checked out. Turns out she was fine, worried for nothing. We haven't had Madalyn tested yet, she wasn't born in a hospital and we had to wait for insurance. I'm going to make her appointment tomorrow, but I don't think we have anything to worry about. She has a great startle reflex, shutting the car door, the phone ringing when she's just fallen asleep, she kinda jerks and then settles back down.

I would make an appointment with an audiologist. FInd one that specializes in infants. Hope all is ok.
Will she jump if you make a loud noise when she's sleeping? I notice my son will startle if a loud sound is made (something sudden, not ongoing like the vaccuum).
See less See more jumping reflex to any loud noise at any given time of the day whether she's awake or asleep......
My brother had hearing loss that nobody ever discovered until he was almost 5 years old. It seriously affected his speech development and his ability to succeed in school. Make an appointment with an audiologist as soon as possible! The earlier hearing loss is identified, the less likely she is to suffer language delays.
My older dd's never were bothered by loud noises - I could run the vacuum under their cribs after they fell asleep and they wouldn't stir. Whisper chocolate across the room and they will come screaming after you, though.

This is one of those things where it's best to get it checked out. Maybe it's nothing, but you won't rest easy until you know for sure, right?
check out this link-

YOu may want to call them and ask them if they have a referal for an audiologist in your area.

they are a well respected group.

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